xhihi0x's Journal

Tangoing Flamingoes
New User here! Forgive me for not knowing lots of stuff.

I originally just started an account to review and appreciate and thank fanfic writers, dj providers on lj, for letting me enjoy my *somewhat* guilty pleasures. So everything's kind of blank.

I am a quiet one. lj for me is not a second life, but simply a way for me to get fanfic/manifesto/doujinishi, and appreciate those who are so kind to write, make up, and draw and provide such things.

Even though I have pairing bias, I never flame on basis of disagreeing with pairings. I don't flame at all period.

But I've decided to try and get into the joining-communities scene, so, I figure I have to tell a bit about myself.

Dunno much about movies. Don't care about actors or actresses. Will care muchly about authors and mangakas.

I love books. All books, except Sci Fi (Orson Scott Card and Garth Nix whenever he forays into Sci Fi- Notable exceptions) and teen romance (No exceptions!). I particularly am fond of mystery, fantasy and Terry Pratchett. And Roald Dahl's black comedy books (I have not read any others so I don't know if I like all of black comedy yet. If you know good black comedy writers recommend them to me?)

I love manga, particularly the ones with interesting plots. I find myself gravitating towards anything supernatural in it. I'm generally a manga reader (anime is more time consuming, what with the way they put in a chapter or two per episode and lotza filler). Favorite character is Sai from Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. No one knows Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. ;_;

I LOVE BL. Fanfic, Dj, manifesto.

Especially if there's hints. BL is a fun thing to find evidence for.

I love it most between two characters that I'd love to see together, and that there is evidence for.

BL manga- I am picky. The tyrant falls in love is the one of few I like. And it's for the plotline and dysfunctional dynamic. I generally like looking at a more equal relationship, not an uke that looks like and acts like the stereotype of a girl. I like it if the characters are more interesting, and the plot is interesting, and everythings pretty proportional, so most yaoi mangas go out the window, because there's no story. Whereas, fanfic and doujinishi are about already very well fleshed out, beloved characters, and the writers do generally good jobs to keep the characterization and make our dreams of that guy kissing him come true! ♥♥)

The only thing I dislike pairings besides canon in is books, and manga with no evidence for it.

Fav Pairings
Hikago -AkiHika, Tsutsui/Kaga [I consider this to be somewhat canon. Not Tsutsui/Kaga though. But thinking of those two that way is fun.]
xxxHolic - DouWata [I actually want this to happen.]
Naruto - Sasuke x Naruto [I consider this lulzy, and hope that it stays subtext] Suigetsu x Karin
Natsume Yujinchou - Pretty much anything... It kind of fascinates me. [Natsume Yujinchou is the master of the sweet-friendship-story. If this actually happened, I'd hope that nothing is ruined and everything stays just as heartwarming. I kind of would rather it didn't happen.)
MTNN - I generally am not too into the pairing scene, but if I wanted to see any, Yako/Higuchi, Yako/Neuro, Sai/Ai, Sai/Yako.

Loves non-romantic stories in:
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro: Anything involving Sai. And Yako.
Natsume Yujinchou *Especially this. I adore Natsume Yujinchou stories that have nothing whatsoever to do with pairings. Even the ones with pairings, I like only the ones that have only very subtle things going on quite innocently. I would be mad at ones that are slutty and derail the characters.
Naruto: For the reason that most of the good ones are this. The romantic ones- half are good, the other half put them into a high school and make them automatic friends.

I don't mind GL, or incest, or anything, (although with Girls Love I would rather not see anything past a cute romance, being a straight girl.) Teacher/student creeps me out, and generally pedophilia/huge age differences creep me out. Disproportinality pisses me off. I cannot stand Ecchi at all, and the manga must be damn good for me to sit through those annoying moments. I actually had to drop some manga because of ecchi moments. Discrepancies in books annoy me.